Summer Offer £135 per person Hot Air Balloon rides in Kent

'Anytime' Flight Offers Summer Balloon Flights for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Kent & East Sussex

'Anytime' Flight Offers Summer Balloon Flights price of £150.00. Fly Am or PM at Weekends or Mon-Wed evenings, price is per person per person. Price includes Balloon Flight and a celebratory glass of Champagne after the flight. All tickets are valid for 12 months..

NORMAL PRICE £135 for Weekday only flights (Special Price) Mon-Wed PMs only, price is per person. For an 'any time' flight (morning or evening including weekends).

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Tony Hill Hot Air Balloon Pilot in  Kent and East Sussex
One of Sussex & Kent's most experienced balloon pilots

Our principle pilot Tony Hill has flown over 3000 times! - and is one of the most experienced pilots flying in Kent and East Sussex.